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Dmitry A. Gordenin

1997 – Current (2009) – Staff Scientist, Laboratory of Molecular Genetics, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, Research Triangle Park, NC, USA; 1996 - present Editorial Board Member, Mutation Research


1973- M.S.; 1978-Ph.D.; 1978-1997 – work at the Department of Genetics, SPbSU, Russia.

SELECTED Ph.D. and POST-DOCTORAL TRAINEES (currently at faculty or senior industry positions): Yury O. Chernoff (1984); Anna L. Malkova (1993); Kirill S. Lobachev (1996); Natalya P. Degtyareva (1997); Tran Hiep (1999); Yong Hwan Jin (2003); Francesca Storici (2007).



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