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Выпускники кафедры генетики и селекции

Mарта Матвиенко окончила ЛГУ в 1986 году. С 1986 по 1991 год - аспирантура во ВНИИСХМ.

1991-1998 - Postdoctoral Researcher.

Wageningen University, the Netherlands: Molecular biology of nodulation.       

Rutgers University, USA: Maize genetics and development.

University of California, Davis, USA: Parasitic plant - host plant interactions.

1999–2001 - Scientist, Research Manager at Celera Genomics, Davis, USA: Genomics.

2001–2006 - Manager at Allometra, Davis, USA: Bioinformatics Software and Consulting.

2006–Present – Senior Scientist at the University of California, Davis, USA: Genomics. Second-generation sequencing technologies, Illumina GA platform; Genomic, mRNA, and small RNA libraries for IGA sequencing; cDNA libraries for Sanger sequencing; De novo sequencing of large eukaryotic genomes; Gene expression analysis and production of mutant protein libraries.

Selected publications -  joint with others

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